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Board Minutes

Next Community Member Meeting:  SEPTEMBER 2, 2017 at 9:30 am Social Gathering 10:00 am Meeting

September 2, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 10:07 am by President Donald Matthews followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Present:  Don Matthews, Woody Isaacs, Rosemary Patterson, Thomas Stawiarski, and Emilie Stawiarski. Absent:  Bud DeLong, Annette Peterson.

Attendance of 24 community members was noted.  Attendees were asked to note their attendance by a sign in sheet. 


There were no additions or changes to the agenda.


Being as the Secretary had resigned there were no minutes available to read/review at this meeting.


  • Internet Broad Band
  • Budget for State of Michigan is $55.6 billion
  • Mental Health facility in northern Michigan: forum in Mackinaw City with DHHS and other departments. Highest suicide rates are on Ontanagon specifically as well as northern Michigan. 5 mental health facilities are all in southeast Michigan.
  • Budget monies to be used to promote skilled trades in the schools
  • Opioid epidemic
  • There is a resolution to maintain the fish sanctuary in Alpena. Contact Congress to support this resolution.
  • Questions from the audience included:

¾    Military Operations on Lake Huron the previous week. Using live ammunition? 11:30 at night with no warning for any residents.

¾    Fiber optic cabling being laid in the area. When will it be utilized for high speed Internet? No cable providers in the foreseeable future. Frontier is providing service for Black Lake and other surrounding areas. Nothing from Michigan Broadband for the Huron Beach area.

¾    MDOT conditions of the paint lines on the roads

¾    Logging in the area and the destruction of the woodlands

¾    Delay of Meijer’s being built in Cheboygan. Decision to be made by Meijer’s in October.


Treasurer Emilie Stawiarski presented the Transaction Detail Report and Income/Expense Report for the period of January 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017. It was noted that HBCA had a total income during that period of $4,489.65 and expenses of $2,346.23 leaving a net income of $2,143.42. The beginning account balance as of January 1, 2017 was $5,619.73 plus the net income left a balance on August 31, 2017 of $7,763.15. Results: Annual Garage Sale ($3,495); the first Beach Bazaar & Cozy Café ($380);  50/50 raffles ($256) and Fireman’s Boot ($304).  Note: $155 in craft sales & $28 in 50/50 raffle were made at this 9/2 meeting.


A check for $3,000 was presented to Fire Chief, Gary Yaklin, to be used as follows:  $500 to be placed in the capital equipment fund for future fire vehicle replacement; $1250 to be used for extra maintenance on FD vehicles; and $1250 to be used for medical equipment purchases.


The following Board positions were up for annual election: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The following Board position was up for a two-year term:  Board Member.  Nomination for President: Don Matthews; nomination for Vice-President, Woody Isaacs; nomination for Treasurer, Emilie Stawiarski; nomination for Board member Rosemary Patterson. No nominations from the floor; announcing the candidates three times to the membership present. Motion to accept the roster of candidates was made by Joan Scheel, seconded by Brenda Trella. No discussion. Motion carried by a vote of the community members present. The Interim Secretary has resigned due to personal reasons. Nomination was made by Rosemary Patterson, seconded by Dorothy Hakes to elect Kathleen Operhall as the new HBCA Secretary. No other nominations from the floor; announcing the candidate three times to the membership present. Motion carried by a vote of the community members present.


Discussions were held by members present on HBCA offering activities for teens living in the area and visiting the area. Suggestions included: Tour of the OB Fire Dept.; Internship at the Fire Dept.; Nature Walks; 40 Mile Lighthouse activity; Face Painting; Technology-free events (board games, cards, reading, etc.); a knitting & crocheting event for adults & children. Brenda Trella, Cindy Matthews, and Lena Brown will brainstorm these events in 2018.

A card-playing/game survey was circulated to determine interest in a card-playing club, etc. for the future. 4 responses received. Interest in a knitting group and other activities will be placed on the 2018 application for membership to determine interests by the community membership.


Joan Scheel announced that the 40 Mile Lighthouse group is seeking volunteers and that the lighthouse is open Sunday 12 to 4:00 and Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 4:00. On October 6th there will be the Night at the Lighthouse celebration with a barbershop quartet, acoustic jam session and much more. The Lighthouse will close after this event.

Anna Beach, OBFD First Responder, displayed the AED equipment to show the membership. HBCA donations bought this defibrillator for the fire department with last year’s contributions. It can be used on children as well as adults.

With no other business being offered, the President called for a motion to adjourn at 11:42 am.  The motion was made by Doris Hall and supported by Tom Stawiarski and adjourned by a consensus vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Emilie Stawiarski, Treasurer and Acting Secretary



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