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MAY 26, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m. by President Donald Matthews followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Present:  Don Matthews, Woody Isaacs, Bud DeLong, Thomas Stawiarski, and Emilie Stawiarski. Absent: Annette Peterson. Rosemary Patterson, and Kathy Operhall.

Attendance of 36 community members was noted.  Attendees were asked to note their attendance by a sign in sheet. 


  • Regulatory Field Offices are in Sault Ste Marie, Bay City, Grand Haven, Detroit, and South Bend.
  • Their goal is to provide strong protection of the Nation’s aquatic environment by coordinating with other agencies, making fair and timely decisions, compliance and permit enforcement, making regulations & policies.
  • The Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) elevation is determined by conducting a survey of the waterways starting with the St Lawrence Seaway which is at a “zero” level. The last survey was conducted in 1985 and the Lake Huron water level was set at 581.5 feet. As of yesterday, the Lake Huron OHWM was 580.4 feet. A survey should be conducted every 10 years; however, the earliest was 1955, then 1985. Another survey should be done soon although there are budget constraints. Contact your legislature and the US Corps of Engineer office to encourage a new survey.
  • The Corps has jurisdiction over the OHWM which is from the water’s edge to the first vegetation. They also have jurisdiction over all wetlands no matter where located.
  • Several slides described wetlands testing by the Corps: hydrology, soil, and vegetation
  • Several slides described examples requiring a permit: various wetlands, docks/hoists, seawalls and backfill, riprap, placement of sand and grooming, dredging, mooring buoys, walkways/paths, stairs, placement of fill.
  • There should be no vegetation disrupted by mechanical means. Some weed pulling or invasive species pulling is allowed. If a homeowner is in violation, call the US Corps office at 906-635-3461 Barb Scott or 906-635-3462 Sue Bright. Be prepared to explain the nature of the activity, the location, the contractor/individual involved, the on-going activity, and when the activity started.
  • Permits, permit applications, permit fees, and evaluation timelines, compliance and enforcement were presented.
  • The Detroit District website is:
  • The Regulatory Website is:
  • Don’t hesitate to contact the US Corps of Engineers with any questions or compliance violations.


There were no additions or changes to the agenda.


Secretary Kathy Operhall was not present; Treasurer Stawiarski read the minutes of the September 2, 2017. Two corrections to the meeting minutes: 40 Mile “Point” Lighthouse and barbershop “chorus.” Motion made by Archie Patterson to approve the minutes as amended, seconded by Joan Scheel. All aye votes; motion carried.


Treasurer Emilie Stawiarski presented detailed report of the financials for HBCA. Membership in 2017 was 129 with 13 new members; paid membership for 2018 is 72 + 10 at today’s meeting. Notices will be sent out again. 2017 Income $4,911.66 (including $1,917 for HBCA sign insurance); 2017 expenses $2,105.45. Income for 2018 is $1,927.14; expenses $1365.94 with a net balance of $561.20.  12/31/17 ending bank balance was $8,425.94; add income $1,927.14; less expenses $1365.94. ending bank balance as of 5/26/18 is $8,987.14. Estimated expenses for the year total $4,420.

Brenda Trella suggested HBCA spend some of the money on the community. It was noted by the Board that the average bank balance for the year is approximately $5,000. Funds are needed for building emergencies and HBCA has donated $3,000 last year to the OB Fire Department which benefits the community. Joan Scheel stated we should save the funds as one never knows what expenses might be incurred. No other questions from the members.

A motion was made by Joan Scheel, seconded by Beverly Rossetto to accept the Treasurer’s Report. All aye votes; motion carried.


President Matthews read a Thank You note from the OB Fire Department for our $3,000 donation in 2017.

President Matthews suggested to the members that HBCA might consider using the Community Hall for continuing education classes. Being half way between Alpena/Rogers City and Cheboygan, the community colleges may want the Hall as a meeting room or to present classes on computers, photography, self-improvement, and other training. The members were quite interested in this concept and President Matthews will find out information, including if a rental fee would be paid. If any interest by local schools, it will be posted on the website and an email blast will be sent to members. It may require the Hall to stay open all season, which will cost HBCA utilities.

Brenda Trella suggested that HBCA have a food drive. Board Member Stawiarski stated a donation to the Onaway Soup Kitchen from Beach Bazaar proceeds was suggested by the Board. President Matthews stated that $1 donated to the Soup Kitchen will allow them to purchase $13 in foodstuffs. Final suggestion was to have a food drive announced for our September 1 Member Meeting.

Board member Tom Stawiarski announced that PIE&G has been awarded a federal grant for a study on utilizing their customer base and utility connections for fiber optics in the area. PIE&G was one of 5 companies in the U.S. to be granted this award. Watch your local up north paper and the PIE&G utility bill insert for any upcoming details. A member suggested that HBCA send a letter to PIE&G to offer any assistance including a member survey with regard to helping them with a business case for the fiber optics study.

President Matthews reviewed the suggestion from last September that the Community Hall be used for area youth programs. Treasurer Stawiarski cited that no interest from suggestions listed on the 2018 Member Application has been forthcoming. Lena Brown and Cindy Matthews were going to look into various programs. It was announced that Rosemary Patterson would be arranging a tour of the local Alpaca Farm and there was interest from the members present. The HBCA sign and the website will have that information and an email blast will be sent out.

Treasurer Stawiarski reported that the 2018 annual garage sale on July 7th (9:00 to noon) will be co-chaired by Gwen Sutton and herself. Members can drop off items any time by calling a board member to open the Hall. Drop off dates are Thursday 7/5 from 3:00 – 6:00 and Friday 7/6 from 9:00 to noon. A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around the member audience for garage sale help and for bake sale donations.  HBCA especially needs help setting up all the items and then at the end cleaning up and packaging items for the Cheboygan Humane Society sale. Items accepted were mostly household, linens, tools, toys, gardening; no computers, tires or t.v.s There will be a 50-50 raffle at the Garage Sale, the Beach Bazaar, and the 9/1/18 Member Meeting.

Big Trash Day for Bearinger Twp is 7/21 and for Ocqueoc Twp is 7/14.  The Ocqueoc Re-cycle Center and trash drop-off is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 to 4:00.

There was further explanation of the Beach Bazaar and Cozy Café event in August. Items made by local members are donated to HBCA for sale and the Cozy Café last year had chili dogs, chips & a drink for $2. This was not to be a fundraiser as much as to have a social gathering for the neighborhood.


Joan Scheel announced that the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse is now open for the summer and today their annual Arts & Crafts show is taking place. The second week-end in July will be the “Reenactment” program and the “Night at the Lighthouse” program will take place again in September.  Joan attended a Lighthouse Conference on Mackinaw Island which was quite informative and an actor from NY played the part of Augustin Fresnel explaining all about lighthouses and the Fresnel lens.

Joan Scheel also mentioned that she received phone calls downstate and up here about a Volunteer Fireman’s Association for donations. Was it legitimate? Archie Patterson offered that there is a Firefighters Union that does solicit donations over the phone.

Beverly Rossetto stated that the OB Fire Station has been designated as a Disaster Shelter. It will house up to 44 people. The Fire Station is in need of volunteers to help at the station in the event of a local disaster. The Red Cross does training for volunteers and it is usually two days for 3-4 hours. There is an application and a background check conducted. Please contact Bev if you are interested in volunteering.


With no other business being offered, the President called for a motion to adjourn at 11:50 am.  The motion was made by Marge Larraquenta and supported by Woody Isaacs. All aye votes; motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Emilie Stawiarski, Treasurer and Acting Secretary



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